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Nuffum! [userpic]

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April 4th, 2006 (11:25 pm)
I am: excited =3
Listen to: From First To Last!

My GOD is it good to be home!
First things I did upon arrive: Hugged my bass, collapsed on the floor in a dead sleep.
So fucking jetlagged haha.
And then I went out and hugged muh Vivian..well, leapt on would probably be more appropriate but hey, same thing.
I also met a new friend this morning, Chase. I know him from somewhere I KNOW I do. I have a good memory...
But yeah, Vivian's the only one I've seen so far, where's everyone else hiding?
Come find me guys! Remember the energetic midgit! reeeemember~ I've only been gone a month hah.

Nath! x

Nuffum! [userpic]

(no subject)

April 3rd, 2006 (10:53 pm)

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